What Is The Best Epoxy For A Garage Floor?

Would you like to know What Is The Best Epoxy For A Garage Floor?

Textured Epoxy floor coatings are a great solution for your garage floor! 

These coatings, which are properly categorized as a full broadcast flake epoxy floor coating, can add multiple layers of protection and durability to your garage floor. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of this epoxy flooring, as well as why they are so strong.

What is a Textured (full broadcast) Epoxy Floor coating?

These coatings (when properly installed by a licensed & certified professional) are comprised of a multi-step installation process. 

How to prep garage floor for epoxy:  

1 – Fully grinding your concrete surface with a hardness-specific diamond grinder machine. 

2 – Repairing any cracks, holes, or pitting in the concrete with pure solids patching. 

3 – Applying a self-priming basecoat that adheres to your concrete. 

4 – Covering the floor with a full broadcast of colored (textured) flakes 

5 – Applying an industrial-grade topcoat for added protection and shine. 

When properly installed, these Epoxy coatings should last for decades and give your garage a commercial-grade finish that you can walk on, drive on, & work on! 

Epoxy coatings are great for heavy-use garages and high-traffic areas. 

What makes textured floor coatings so strong?

Not only are these floors installed using commercial-grade equipment and materials, but the actual application process is what makes Epoxy floors so strong. 

Each layer applied acts as a protective coating for the layer beneath, adding multiple layers of abrasion resistance to your garage’s surface. 

Textured floor coatings are extremely durable and impact resistant. 

Why should you choose Epoxy or textured coatings for your garage?

Why epoxy your garage floor? Or, should I epoxy my garage floor?

Epoxy coatings are 2x stronger than concrete, and are completely safe for kids & pets. 

Textured flooring (when using the right materials,) creates 100% antibacterial & antimicrobial flooring, and helps to create a germ-free floor. 

Does epoxy garage floor increase home value?

gray, white and black epoxy flake floor for garages, kitchen, living room, bathroom, pool, porches.

Simply put, absolutely! Epoxy coatings will not only increase the value of your home but will give you added curb appeal as well. 

Your ‘once dull’ garage will now be a focal point in your home with a specialty floor coating. 

How long does an epoxy garage floor last?

This is a great question, and sadly there is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

These coatings should last well over a decade, but many installers offer a variety of warranties. 

Keep in mind that very heavy usage may shorten the life of your floor. 

Heavy machinery and harsh impact can wear away at your coating prematurely. 

How long does it take to epoxy a garage floor?

While many installers offer 1-day installation systems, some floors can take up to 3 days depending on the materials used and outside weather conditions. 

How much for an epoxy garage floor?

While the price point is usually always a concern for homeowners, this is still a very good question. 

Similar to the installation timeframe & warranty options from varying installers, your price point may vary as well. 

The biggest factors for price are the square footage of your floor, overall slab condition, and the quality of material used. 

These floors can range anywhere from $2,000 – $3,500 for a standard garage depending on the factors above. 

How to clean an epoxy garage floor?

Epoxy floors are easy to clean. Simply use a household cleaner to wipe away dust, debris, oil, dirt, pet litter, & more. 

Avoid getting battery acid and highly corrosive chemicals on your Epoxy floor, as this can eat away at your top coat over time. 

All in all, epoxy or textured flooring is a GREAT choice for your garage, as it will truly transform your space with an industrial-grade surface coating, and years of lasting protection. 

Is it worth it to Epoxy my garage floor?

If you’re looking for a protective coating that will last for decades and increase the value of your home, then yes! It is worth it to epoxy your garage floor. 

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