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Stamped Concrete Overlay and Resurfacing

Our concrete overlay systems are designed to repair, restore, and beautify existing concrete surfaces. These systems have virtually endless design and color combinations. Through the use of integral colors or stains along with stamping and texturing tools we can apply simple broom finish overlays, textured, and patterned overlays.

Choosing the ideal overlay for your interior or exterior concrete floor is made easier through the dry polymer technology in our cement based, single component, mix bag formulations.

Decorative Concrete St. Augustine, FL

A concrete overlay is a thin, color concrete cement based product that goes over existing concrete for repair or decorative reasons. Overlays can be applied as thin as a feather finish up to in most cases ¾” depending on the desired finish. Decorative Concrete overlays, however, are only as good as the substrate it is being applied to. In order to determine if an overlay system is right for you we will need to assess the existing surface to ensure it’s stability and that a concrete overlay system is the right solution.

Epoxy Floor Contractors

Stamped concrete overlays are a thin overlay system typically ¼” – ⅜” that is applied over an existing interior or exterior concrete surface and is then has the chosen pattern or texture imprinted into it through the use of textured/patterned mats and various hand tools. The results can be tile, wood, cut stone, slate, brick, cobblestone, etc. Through the use of concrete scoring, stains, antiquing agents, and other techniques the design possibilities are virtually endless.

This system is ideal for any concrete surface that needs to be resurfaced or for anyone wanting a concrete floor system with added beauty and appeal. As a Top Rated Epoxy Floor Specialist Jacksonville FL, we invite you to check out some of our other outdoor Decorative Concrete solutions today!

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The white film that often appears on concrete is typically caused by the movement of soluble salts to the surface. This can happen shortly after the concrete is placed, or up to a month or two later.

Different absorption rates will cause surfaces to have different colors. Troweling concrete too early can increase the water-cement ratio at the surface, lightening the color. If concrete is not properly or uniformly cured, it may develop discoloration.

The pigments used in colored concrete are resistant to fading and changing tones in the weather, making it a great choice for outdoor applications.

Different colors of concrete can be treated in much the same way as other concrete surfaces. In order to clean and maintain them, it is best to use a light cleaning product or soap. People who use colored concrete indoors often choose to polish the surface for a shiny finish.

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