Flake Floor Epoxy Coatings: A Cost-Effective Investment for Your Garage from Spartan Concrete Coatings

Flake Floor Epoxy Coatings: A Cost-Effective Investment for Your Garage from Spartan Coatings

Are you looking for cost-efficient and high-performance flooring systems for a garage, driveway, or loading bay? Have you considered the many benefits of epoxy flake flooring? These floors are a highly popular choice with licensed technicians like Spartan Coatings, a leading provider of flooring solutions in Jacksonville, Florida.

Every year, the team at Spartan Coatings entertains countless customer questions about whether the aesthetic and chemical-resistant properties of epoxy flakes make it worthwhile. While creating a decorative flake finish will ultimately result in higher resale values, our clients have many different uses and expectations for coatings on their floors. Some want better resistance against the effects of fleet or private vehicle traffic, while others require protection from chemical and oil spills.

In this article, we outline how epoxy flake floors can generate cost savings alongside the more intangible perks, such as unlimited color options. We also explain how it might help clients achieve their design goals and long-term structural reinforcement capabilities.

What Makes Epoxy Flake Flooring a Cost-Efficient Addition to Your Garage?

You can find epoxy flooring in numerous residential and commercial garages in Jacksonville. It is famous for its staying power, cost-efficiency, and versatility. Epoxy also helps our clients implement terrazzo, quartz, and powder-like design layers with less intense labor requirements.

Manufacturers use synthetic resins to mass-produce coatings, and epoxy is a unique combination of monomeric resins, hardeners, plasticizers, and chemical accelerators. These components are cheap to source, making epoxy a low-cost finished product that can punch above its weight class.

Property owners and businesses typically install epoxy flake flooring to gain three essential benefits: reinforcement, cost-efficiency, and visual appeal.

Cost-Effective Structural Reinforcement

Epoxy can protect marble, wood, concrete, and stone floors from the long-term effects of foot and vehicle traffic. Concrete becomes porous after curing, with millions of tiny holes waiting for fungal spores, moisture, and algae to exploit. Residential garages also sustain cosmetic and structural damage from dropped tools, oil spills, and weather effects. 

Garages with protectants like epoxy stand up far better to these issues. They avoid discoloration and prevent cracked floors, potentially saving you thousands in remediation costs or replacements over the years.

Epoxy vs. Competing Protectants

Epoxy is more cost-efficient than competing systems, like polyurethane and polyurea. It also cures much slower, allowing contractors to add decorative layers or perform corrective procedures during installation. This ensures additional smoothening and color adjustments on the go for flawless results.

For extra value, technicians like Spartan Coatings combine the cost-efficiency of epoxy with the durability of 100% aliphatic polyaspartic topcoats. It’s why we can offer a two-decade warranty on every flake floor job.

Cost-Savings on Epoxy Flake Flooring in Jacksonville, FL

Epoxy offers the following benefits for property owners in Jacksonville and everywhere else:

Low Maintenance

Epoxy floors counteract grease, oil, chemical, and fuel stains without hiring cleaning professionals. You only need a mop, soap, water, and scrubbing pads to eliminate stains that would be permanent on bare concrete.

High Curb Appeal

Interior and exterior curb appeal are significant decision-making factors for investors and potential homebuyers alike. Stained or discolored garage floors with cracks and spalling will attract far lower bids in online and offline property listings. That’s why epoxy flooring is such a popular addition for homeowners who want to sell their house for more or showcase its best features on a platform like Airbnb.

Better Health

Epoxy flake floors protect concrete substrates from the seasonal onslaughts of algae, fungi, and mold, which become prevalent in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida during the summer. Incoming vehicles and foot traffic also track in these pollutants, and coatings go a long way toward making these areas safer for residents, including children and pets.

An epoxy coating seals bare concrete, deterring pests and microbes by plugging up holes. A team like Spartan Coatings also offers anti-slip additives and flame-retardant finishes to make any garage a safer storage space for fluids like alcohol, oil, and flammable lubricants for vehicles.

Epoxy Flooring is a Cost-Efficient Design Option

Epoxy flooring is cheaper per square inch than competing decorative protectants. Contractors also have different ways of combining epoxy with polyurea and polyaspartic coatings on floors. However, the team at Spartan Coatings narrows it down to the most cost-effective, durable combination: a base coat, chips, and a top coat over the entire floor.

Epoxy Base Coat

We can install a cost-efficient epoxy base coat in unlimited color options. However, epoxy is not UV-stable, so we protect this base coat with sunproof polyaspartic coatings. We recommend an off-white, reddish, or darker shade for long-lasting appeal.

Our technicians can work with interior designers or model your aesthetic goals digitally to help you visualize your floors.

Decorative Vinyl Chips

As the epoxy cures, we use decorative vinyl chips that will never discolor under direct sunlight and are very cost-effective to manufacture and install. We hand-cast them to your pre-selected density and size.

  • Standard chips are ¼-inches, providing a smooth profile with a terrazzo look. 
  • Smaller 1/8-inch and 1/16-inch sizes are available for smaller spaces, creating a more quartz-like homogenous profile.

Durable Polyaspartic Top coat

Finally, we use polyaspartic top coats, which have significantly higher melting points than epoxy. They are chemical resistant, hard-wearing, and impact-proof. It forms an amazing top layer for your flooring solution that lasts longer than 20 years!

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