Epoxy Flake Floor Coatings: The New Trend in Garage Flooring

Epoxy Flake Floor Coatings: The New Trend in Garage Flooring

Spartan Coatings is proud to be the leading independent company providing high-quality garage epoxy flooring for residential and commercial properties in Jacksonville, FL. Every year, our licensed technicians answer hundreds of questions from residents and business owners who want to look at all their flooring options to protect high-traffic areas like garages.

In this article, our licensed experts will explain the standard installation process for polyaspartic and epoxy coatings and why they are the most popular choice for residents and business owners looking for long-term protection. We will also outline your design options, as epoxy flake flooring is infinitely customizable, available in a variety of colors.

Why Do People Love Garage Epoxy Flooring in Jacksonville?

Interior designers and engineers could not understate the value garage floor coatings can provide residents and business owners. Your concrete has a porous surface, which means moisture, chemicals, and other contaminants can get inside. Without garage epoxy flooring, any smooth surface will look run down, filthy, and poorly maintained after only a few years.

Spartan Coatings is the leading independent company providing garage floor coatings in Jacksonville, helping property owners save hard-earned money on renovation and maintenance expenses. Garages are susceptible to chemical damage from spilled brake fluid and battery acid. They are also vulnerable to aesthetic blemishes from oil spills, hot tire pickup, and weather effects.

Garage floor coatings will help you preserve the value of your structural investments, and adding a decorative layer of vinyl flakes before applying a topcoat can upgrade their aesthetic value. Our epoxy flake flooring options are also popular for business owners who want to make their commercial garages stand out.

How Do We Create Beautiful Garage Floor Coatings in Jacksonville?

Decorative layers add texture, color, and excitement to floors, enabling residents and business owners to fulfill an aesthetic vision for their living and entertainment spaces. Flake flooring has become one of the most popular decorative options for its beauty and customizability. We install flake by layering two hard-wearing protectants atop each other.

Prepping Your Garage

When you call our customer service hotline at Spartan Coatings, we will connect you to our team of technicians, who will schedule an inspection of your property. We will create a project timeline and budget post-inspection. After you give us the green light, we will use shot blasters and diamond grinders to smoothen your garage floors and fill in any cracks and dents.

Epoxy Base

Epoxy is a coating that manufacturers produce by triggering a catalytic reaction between a polyamine hardener and a synthetic resin. Epoxy is among the most cost-efficient floor protectants on the market, capable of protecting interior surfaces from chemical and impact damage for decades with minimal maintenance.

Epoxy is not UV-stable, so it will appear yellowish and discolored after a few years of direct exposure to sunlight. Our technicians work around this attribute through a UV-stable polyaspartic topcoat and vinyl flakes. Epoxy flooring is impervious to moisture, abrasions, and dents, making it a perfect basecoat for a prepped surface.

We will apply an epoxy coating to your garage floor. Epoxy has an average curing time of three to seven days.

Decorative Layer

Our technicians will hand-cast UV-stable vinyl flakes to add depth and character to your garage floor. Clients can preselect the hues and texture of your vinyl flakes during the initial consultation, which allows them to create various aesthetic flourishes, such as slate-granite floors or abstract accents. Our team can also work with interior designers and third-party contractors to help you achieve your design goals for a significant home renovation.

Once the epoxy base cures with the vinyl flakes installed, we will remove any protruding or excess chips, producing a seamless surface primed for topcoat installation.

Polyaspartic Topcoat

Our technicians will install a polyaspartic topcoat atop your new epoxy flooring, giving it UV stability, improved abrasion resistance, and chemical protection. Polyaspartic is 100% aliphatic, creating a waterproof membrane that is weatherproof and impact resistant.

Clients can include safety features in their polyaspartic topcoats, such as anti-slip additives that make parking easier during wet seasons. Polyaspartic is naturally flame-retardant, so it makes working on your car safer. This feature is essential for handling oil, fuel, alcohol, and other flammable substances.

The Value of Decorative Garage Epoxy Flooring

Getting epoxy flake flooring is beneficial for several reasons.

Improved Aesthetic and Resale Values

Garages that look well-maintained and beautiful can significantly improve home and commercial structure resale prices, attracting higher-quality bids and more committed buyers in online and offline marketplaces.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

You can say goodbye to renting a pressure washer to break down and wash away grease, oil, and gas stains, as polyaspartic provides first-rate chemical protection that can last decades. Our clients only need water, soap, and a few scrubbing pads to remove stains that would otherwise become permanent on bare concrete substrates.

Eco-Friendly Epoxy Flooring

Our branded garage floor coatings surpass the most stringent global regulatory and safety standards. They have low volatile organic content and produce little to no toxic fumes during application. Also, they prevent the growth of fungi and microbes on floors after curing.

Contact the Experts Today

Epoxy flake flooring can add unique aesthetic appeal to your garage and protect it for years to come. Contact Spartan Coatings, and get a free estimate for garage epoxy flooring by calling 904-671-3930 and requesting a consultation.

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